I’ve got a hat…

So, this weekend was the first time I read my book (first draft) start to finish.

My expectations: Let’s see…I want it to be funny and also serious, I want the characters to be interesting and well developed, I want the story to have enough of a “motor” to keep readers turning pages…


I want a hat.

SIGH.  Yeah, yeah…first drafts are almost always shitty. I know that, and I knew this one would be no different. But knowing it still doesn’t keep me from feeling just a little overwhelmed by the amount of work I still have to do.  Good thing I enjoy all this right? (cue bitter laughter…)

And speaking of hats and men without them…hmmmmm

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a hat…

  1. I assume there are good parts of your draft–things that are working. So now you just build little bridges between those parts, right? That’s how I see it when I’m doing that sort of work. Honestly, I don’t mind editing too much in the beginning, but when it gets to the point that you know the text forwards and backwards, it’s hard to have any perspective about it. Then it’s hard–and, frankly, boring…which makes it even harder.

    So, right, good luck there. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sonje…for the good luck and the bridge building image–I like it. There are things that are working, and I think that reading through I was able to get a good grasp on at least some of the major problems. The funny thing was upon reading, I found that the first section of the book was both too fast and too slow. Too fast because many transitions and internal thoughts were missing (making it feel rushed) however it still read as too slow because I also hadn’t set the stakes high enough for the main character to get the reader invested in the book’s outcome. Both fixable–actually with the same method, I think. Letting the reader into the MC’s head a little more will both smooth out the actions/dialogue AND help the reader give-a-shit about her.

      I think my issue with the whole writing-thing is my tendency to be a very impatient, goal driven person. I want genius and I want it NOW! hahaha!!

  2. I’m sure your book is better than you think it is, and I also am sure you will fix whatever isn’t working. I loved the lower your expectations bit. I actually had another mom tell me to lower my expectations of my kids once when I was expressing concern about them. I was recently called a “dream squisher” by my 23 year old daughter and that didn’t feel real good, but she thinks she is moving to NYC with her friend who has a 3 year old son and I am only trying to make her see things more realistically. I don’t know what expectations I should have now, higher, lower or none at all.

    • Thanks Nancy and yes…I too struggle with how high to set my expectations in all sorts of areas, including my kids for sure! My daughter has referred to me as a “fun sucker” in other words I suck the fun right out of a situation. Ha! we dream squishers and fun suckers need to stick together!

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