peace times two

Two things today that might seem unrelated, except they’re not.

One: Yesterday was the first annual (I hope) Art of Peace Festival here in Tyler. It was a family-friendly event with music, poetry readings, speakers and an art auction. In this time of increasing animosity in what seems like every facet of society, how refreshing to have a group of people coming together for no purpose other than that of promoting peace. I came home with a poetry chap book, a handmade pinwheel (which I cannot put in the back yard because one of my dogs is afraid of it–I’m not kidding) and a smile. I hope this continues here and keeps spreading to more communities. Let me know if you want more information about it…I can get you the contact info for someone in-the-know.

Two: And on the topic of peace, I’d like to pass along a word of encouragement for those of you with young children who feel like you’re living in a war zone. When my three children were kids/teenagers, it seemed like at least two of them were arguing about something all the time. It waxed and waned, but the fighting was frequent enough (and sometimes vicious enough) to make me worry that they would never get along. (We’re not talking cats and dogs–things rarely got physical. No, we’re talking more like Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroyd*.)

Anyway, flash forward ten years and you know what? They’re friends. They give each other rides to pick up a car in the shop, they all come over for dinner and everybody is laughing not bickering. Hell, they call each other on the phone more often than they call their parents.

Peace at last!

*And for any of you who were not SNL fans back in the day:

5 thoughts on “peace times two

  1. I do worry about my girls. Right now they are definitely friends, but they’re only five and six. From what I’ve heard, when you have two kids so close in age, they either grow up to be the best of friends or they hate each other. Obviously, I’m hoping for the former, but it’s nice to know that even if it doesn’t seem like that during the teenage years (the age where I imagine things going astray), it could all work out in the end.

    • I tried to be vigilent to stop anything really awful…I too have known adult siblings that have had such damaging things said/done to them as kids by their sibs that they can just never get past it. So, I didn’t really ascribe to the “let them fight it out” stuff. If I heard things getting ugly, I got in there and stopped it the best I could. Hopefully, Sonje, your girls will stay friends throughout—that happens sometimes too!

  2. Melissa, thank you for your love and support for Tyler’s Art of Peace Festival! One extra blessing of the day is the beautiful painting of peace hands that now graces my home — it’s like having you with me all day long! For those who missed being with us to celebrate the U.N. International Day of Peace, we are just beginning to build our creative community of artists, poets, singers, dancers, designers, photographers, videographers, writers, volunteers, mission workers, spiritualists, children, students, elders and peacemakers in East Texas. Let us hear from you!

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