I edit a newsletter and do the graphic design for a local non-profit organization. I’ve done some other of that type stuff, newsletters and brochures etc…you know, the kind of writing where you actually get paid. I have a few essays out right now: one at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact (that essay can be found here) one at Word Riot (that essay can be found here) and one at A River and Sound Review (my essay is here). I also have a flash fiction in Issue 13 of PMS poemmemoirstory, which is very cool.

I have also in the distant past had a few short stories published (in now defunct journals) and have three and a half novels that are in a drawer where they will remain until the end of time. (You’re welcome.)

I’ve got one novel under contract with HarperCollins (tentatively scheduled for release in September of 2015), and I’m hard at work on the next one.  So things are crazy in a good way here–hope they’re the same for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “writing

  1. Hey, Sunshine,
    Lighten up. Your writing is beautiful, funny, rich and entertaining. Relax and enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy reading it. Just stopped in for a “Melissa Fix”.

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