of desky-feng shui and pee

Well today I moved my desk to face away from the wall–a big improvement. I spent too many hours with my nose in the corner in Mrs. Goodwin’s first grade class to be at my happiest and most creative staring at a wall.

Then, not an hour later I discovered that one of my dogs (I won’t name any names stella) peed in my studio. I suppose I have no forensic evidence that it was her, but over the years I have come to understand that she is the dog with the most flexible interpretation of the concept, housebroken. I wish I knew what goes on in that tiny smooth lemon-brain of hers that would make her pee on a rubber mat rather than go out through the dog door (an equal distance from her dogbed) and pee where I’m pretty sure she knows she’s supposed to.

I’m not into assigning human motives to animal behavior but if I were, I would say that she was feeling a little neglected and bitchy plus the studio stinks of turpenoid and that can’t be fun for someone with a nose a million times more sensitive than mine. Or maybe she was just in the mood for indoor plumbing today, which I find irritating, but understandable.

After all, I’m always in that mood.

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