advice ignored and movies watched

Okay, just finished draft número tres. Three down, how many to go?

I have no idea. ¡Ay, caramba!

I’m snow-blind with this manuscript right now…I can’t even see the words. And man oh man I’m tired of it. I just keep trying to focus on how much I’m learning about the editing process and not focus on the fact that, as far as I can tell right now, I have written the most boring, stupid book ever written by any person ever. Ever.

I’m starting to wonder if I shoulda taken this guy’s advice.

On another, less whiny note, we’ve seen a couple of good movies lately. We saw Moneyball last weekend and I enjoyed it even though it was very basebally and I’m not a huge baseball fan. And this past Saturday we went to see 50/50, and I highly recommend it. Hubby said he saw 50/50 described as The Hangover meets Terms of Endearment. I don’t know about that, but I do know that you should go see it.