any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter…

Okay, I have no reason to write this post except that hubby showed me this hilarious video (hats off to the the funny chiptalk forum guys for the video and the image). This has been going around lately, so you’ve probably seen it, but just in case you haven’t it’s a must-watch. I have a mixture of pity and admiration for the drunk-ass man in the video. Even wasted, this fellow knows his Queen.

Hubby and I have made a solemn pinky-promise that should either one of us get arrested we will perform this number in the patrol car for the enjoyment of the arresting officers and whoever else might ever see the video. So I did a dry-run last night while hubby kept the lyrics page open to check me. I did pretty darn good if I say so myself–about a B+ without studying. (There were a couple spots that I made a substitution of a sound-alike word vs the real ones, of course, and then I somehow left out the whole so you think you can stop me and spit in my eye… verse right near the end. Sheesh!) But overall, I think that with just a little work I’ll be primed for that patrol-car ride for when I begin my life of crime.

It never hurts to be prepared…

9 thoughts on “any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter…

    • okay…we’ll have a virtual pinky promise between us…it’s just as binding as a real one, so you’d better brush up on your lyrics just in case!

  1. I did miserably on the lyrics to this song. The only rock song I know all the words to is Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “Taking Care of Business”, so I will have to sing that one when I start my life of crime…..pinky promise.

  2. Don’t know those lyrics either… so will have to sing Edith Piaf’s “J’ai mon homme dans la peau… j’en suis marteau…” (much grittier than “La vie en rose”)
    Pinky promise! mv/

    • As long as you don’t sing “Zou bisou bisou” because I’ve been humming that under my breath ever since I watched the Mad Men season premier. Who knew that a foreign song where I don’t even pretend to be able to know/sing the words can still become an ear-worm?

  3. It’s hard enough to do the ABCs when they ask you to…(not that I know from experience or anything). I love that Fanta sea picture – almost forgot about Fanta for some reason!

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