most neglected blog award…

Imagine my surprise when I got an email that said I had a new comment on this blog which I have shamelessly neglected. And, more surprising was the fact that not only did someone actually come to this site, but she decided that it deserved an award. And no, smarty pants, it’s not the Most in Need of Attention Blog Award (is there one? if not, there should be). No it is the Most Lovely Blog Award. And the twee image for the award has roses nestled in a teacup with a bow and…wait one minute

That photo above is one I found when I searched the name of the award to snag an image to put on this post. But when I went to the site of the fabulous blogger, Sheila Hurst, who nominated me, the image below is the one she has on her site for the award:

Totally different concept of Most Lovely Blog Award. This blog award needs to have some 70’s porn bowchickawowow music playing in the background. Even the roses in this image seem to be straining and heaving, struggling not to explode out of the cup. Am I right? Much better than the other image, IMO. Ha!

I think the rules to this award are that I nominate 15 other blogs to win it…which seems like a lot to me, because I’m a slacker. But I will share a few (that I admit to) that I read semi-regularily. And then I think I’m also supposed to tell each of them that I nominated them and I’ll probably tell a couple of them, but probably not all. Slacker, remember?

  • Sonje Jones: a ultra cool writer who has the first of her series of four books coming out soon!
  • Yuri Zalkow: if you haven’t checked out his blog, you should. He makes these great little instructional videos about writing. They’re wonderful.
  • Maggie Stiefvater: she hits the sweet spot between blogging about her bestselling YA novels (book tours, audio tapes awards) and just random posts on writing and/or stuff going on in her life.
  • thekitchensgarden: Careful, this blog is addictive. Just a woman, her small sustainable farm and some great photos. Every morning I read it while I drink my coffee and spend a couple minutes imagining what it would be like to walk in her shoes (farm boots) for a few days.
  • Justine Musk: Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t remember to read this one as much as I should–I say that because when I do I think, “now why do I not read this more often?” I’ve moved it to my bookmark bar to remind myself.
  • Kelly Hitchcock: He’s the owner of the gym where I work out. He’s big into sarcasm, so about half of his posts are serious posts about behavior/fitness and the other half are pseudo-serious rants about things he finds ridiculous.
And just in case you’re still reading and have three more minutes to spare, here’s one of Yuri Zalkow’s videos. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “most neglected blog award…

  1. Oh darling thank you so much, do we get to choose which image we pop up? Ha ha ha awesome, Ok the boots are in the mail, though they are a teensy but grubby! Once you have had a few days walking just send them back for TonTon to sniff!! have fun.. Love Aunty C

  2. hahahah – you deserve it! You’ve made me laugh many times and you just did again. I like the porn one better too though strangely enough, my mind didn’t go there – I must be slacking off and spending too much time at the computer. Happy almost weekend! 🙂

  3. Sarcasm? Me?

    I love the Blog award picture…I am troubled by my intense attraction to the little vixon with the wings. I wonder what that means?

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