hard to say I’m sorry (without laughing)


So for the past several months I have have been cutting my husband’s hair. Every week or two we go out on the back patio with the clippers (yes, we are those kind of people) and I  give him a pretty crappy haircut. Now, in my defense, I resisted playing barber as long as I could pleading (correctly) that I would really suck at it. But finally, under duress, I agreed to try and now, after a few months, it’s really it’s no big deal (hey, it’s not my hair, right?) He’s been happy with his longish (crappyish) buzz-cut, and I’m happy that he’s happy. It’s all good.

And yet…

Imagine if the usual guard we’d been using were to pop off one day and get mixed in the box with all the other ones that came with the clippers. And then imagine that we couldn’t decide which one we’d been using for the past six months. So then imagine us picking one that looks right…maybe…that actually ended up being a little bit shorter.  After a tentative swipe, I realized the mistake…but I figured it will be okay. Since I used to use the shortest (on the back and sides of his head) and next to shortest (on the top) with the old guard, I decided that this one would be okay as long as I used the longest and second longest on this one.

And it probably would have been just fine if I hadn’t gotten confused somehow (I know, I know, but I’m middle aged and blond) used the shortest setting (on this new shorter guard) on the top of his head instead of the longest.


I realized my mistake after a couple of passes but…well…there’s no turning back at that point. Sigh. Hubby is being a surprisingly good sport about his new almost-bald look (although he was unimpressed with my advice to just avoid mirrors for a couple weeks). And the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing didn’t help much either.

So this one is for you, honey…

10 thoughts on “hard to say I’m sorry (without laughing)

  1. I did that too when I had hair…now it doesnt matter. Konnor did the same thing a couple of weeks ago.
    I cant wait to see Leonard. He does have a nice head 🙂

  2. Ah! Ah! On the positive side, change is good! Do tell him that everyone should try it at least one time in their life. I almost shaved my head in India to see how it looked, but chickened out! I guess if you had been around I would have had a chance!

  3. I did that to a friend once. I routinely cut/clip my dog’s hair, and my friend asked me to do his hair, so I did, and it ended up being WAY shorter than he’d wanted. On the upside, he was one of those unfortunate guys who was only in his 20s and already going bald. As a result of my bad/too short haircut, he bit the bullet and went with a totally shaved head, which actually looked much better than his thinning hair. So it ended up being a good thing!

  4. hahhaha – this is really funny because I did that to my poor unsuspecting husband years ago and as soon as I did the first swipe down the very middle of his head, I started laughing and couldn’t stop. He’s cut his own hair ever since and won’t let me near the razor.

  5. This made me laugh…only because I can relate all too well. My husband keeps wanting me to cut his hair though. I thought he’d go somewhere else and pay after the umpteenth time I messed up, but he just shakes his head at me and then a month later asks for the torture again. Sigh.

    • haha and so who is the one who can’t seem to learn…you (who keeps messing up) or him (who keeps letting you)? Hahaha Priceless. Oh I’m certain that I’m still his barber…but I get a week or two off since I scalped him last time Ha!! And thanks for stopping by!

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