no good deed goes unpunished

So, I’ve been spending my spare time on the maddening task of trying to copy a painting I did years ago (except on a smaller scale) and it totally sucks ass. The original is acrylic and because I am a master procrastinator, I put off starting it until acrylic was my only option if I’m to have it ready by Christmas. (This is for my daughter…she plans to give it as a gift to someone who had seen and liked the original.)

Nothing like spending hours working with a medium I a hate (after years of working with oil, I have totally lost my acrylic mojo) but also using a frustrating medium on a painting that I’m bored with before I ever put brush to canvas. Did I mention that this whole project totally sucks ass?

But, I love my daughter and it’s the season of giving and all that crap, so I’m happy to do it, damn it! Plus, it has been providing an excellent excuse not to work on the book-edit-from-hell. However, since I hope to finish tomorrow, I will probably have to either go back to working on the book, or come up with some new crazy-ass thing. I’m betting I’ll work on the book, but you can’t completely rule out the crazy-ass thing. This is me, after all.

I hope all ten many of you are well and having a happy holiday season. I may whine about this painting-which-totally-sucks-ass and the novel-edit-from-hell, but not for one minute have I forgotten how blessed that I truly am. My family, my friends, my dogs, my home, my job, my health…blah blah blah… you get the picture. Sigh. It really is all good.

And just because I think this is random and funny and awful all at the same time:

6 thoughts on “no good deed goes unpunished

    • haha I know right? Not that I’ve never had the urge to move quickly when I’m having that digestive problem, but never felt the need to dress in workout gear and do a strange little dance–ha!

  1. Where do you find this stuff? I know. You’re endlessly surfing the internet to avoid that re-write. I hear you. Count me in as one of the faithful and thank you for my first laugh of the morning. Oh, I forgot to tell you I resent the hell out of your giftedness. “I’m in such a quandary, should I write or should I paint today?” ja ja ja (Spanish for ha ha ha) Have a wunnerful Christmas!

    • haha Busted. I definitely need to spend less time on the internet! And you are one to talk about my quandary, Ms I-spend-all-my-spare-time-helping-underpriviledged-children…talk about making other people feel bad! haha!! Hope you’re Christmas is wunnerful too 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine painting the same painting twice. Does your daughter have any idea what she’s asked you to do? And it’s not even for her, but for her to give to someone else! You are truly a hero.

    Editing is hell. It seems like the gift you should give yourself is not editing until after Christmas. I know I would. Have a great holiday!

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