Book and Movie Recommendation

Last week I read a good book and watched a good movie. Both were a little odd and both were totally worth it.

The Memory of Running, a novel by Ron McLarty, was recommended to me as something to read to see how to fold together a present day story with a backstory. So, I started the book to learn something, and I finished the book because it was wonderful. Read it. You’ll like it.

Saturday night I watched a movie on Apple TV (yes my Saturday nights are very exciting). It was called Terri–an oddball indie film with Jacob Wysocki and John C. Riley. God I love a film full of misfits and weirdos (okay, no comments.)  Anyway, watch it. You’ll like it.

Both were sweet (but never sappy) and left me with something to think about. And I’m not talking about how to handle backstory in a novel. No, I’m talking about regular life. I will never understand how people can say that fiction isn’t real.

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