R and R and Wow

I had a relaxing weekend in Paradise Valley, AZ. Ahhh…

Now it’s time for work and laundry and picking a dog up from the vet. Sigh…

Anyway, one of the mornings when I called down for room-service coffee…Put me up in a nice hotel and I immediately start doing things like eating $7 mini-cans of Pringles from the mini-bar and ordering shit from room-service. It’s disgusting….room service was busy and their machine picked up and put me on hold. In my sleep addled state I thought they said that a talent would be with me shortly.

I turned to hubby and said, “Is it possible they just told me that a talent would be with me shortly?”

“An agent, maybe?” he replied.

“But I could have sworn they said…” Then someone picked up and the promise of caffeine drove the thought out of my mind. Flash forward to the morning we’re leaving. I’m walking through the hotel dragging my luggage behind and I notice a sign on a door that reads Talents Only.

God, I was so pissed that I’d missed an opportunity to laugh about that all weekend. Could I have gotten that little fella from room-service to juggle those teensy jars of jam? And how come I’m not called a talent where I work? I’m just an employee. Next grant proposal I write, I think I’ll say our organization has 17 full-time talents and 31 part-time talents (or however many talents we currently employ–it varies). That’s going to get the grantors wondering….

And just because this is so freakin’ cute it almost hurts:

1 thought on “R and R and Wow

  1. OMG, that video is truly so cute it hurts!!! I want that little boy!!!!! It makes me miss when my kids were little!!!! I love the thought that we employees are the “talent” for our employers. I am going to float that one around where I work and see what kind of response I get! Could be interesting, and for sure fun and entertaining!

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