synopsis hell

If you’re going through hell, keep going.


So, it’s come to this. Write a crappy first draft (check). Rewrite parts of book (check). Rewrite other parts of book (check). Change back parts of book to how they were before (you get the idea).

And, although there’s still some minor tweaking of the novel going on, I’ve reached that point I’ve been dreading: it’s synopsis time. Needing to write a synopsis totally sucks ass, because I have some synopsis-writing disability that makes anything I attempt to synopsize sound like complete poo. If I wrote a synopsis of some great book–like a Faulkner novel–my synopsis would make that book seem as if it were long-winded, underpunctuated, impossible to understand…

Oooh wait…bad example.

Sigh. This cat must need to write one too…

6 thoughts on “synopsis hell

  1. I had trouble writing my synopsis when I was submitting my novel too. At first, I tried to explain what happened in the book then I realized that was all crap. Really convoluted and, perhaps more unfortunately, uninteresting. So I decided to write it like it was something you’d find on the back cover of the book. Fairly hooky. Not too concerned with all the details. Just getting the interesting gist of the thing. It was a much better synopsis.

    • I agree that the blurb style is much easier and better. I guess I keep worrying about folks who’ve been asked for like a 2 page synopsis with character names that includes the ending–ya know, the whole tamale. If I only need a glib paragraph or two, I’m fine. But trying to stay true to the book’s “tone” while blah blah blah going through the whole mess seems impossible. But I’m going to take another swing–what the heck. What does not kill me and all that crap. haha.

      • Yes, I’m talking about a “full” synopsis with the ending. I just write it in back cover style. Two double spaced pages is what? 5-6 paragraphs? You can’t write 2 hooky paragraphs about the beginning of your book? Then 2 hooky paragraphs about the middle? Then 1-2 about the end? Sure you can!

        Do not worry about A happens which leads to B which leads to C which leads to D. No one wants to read that. Do I cover everything that happens in book #1 in my synopsis? Of course not! It’s only two pages! Hmm, if you had read book #1 of my series, I would send you the synopsis I wrote, but as it contains the ending, you’re out of luck. No spoilers for you!

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