a stud muffin by any other name…

BTW, here’s the painting I mentioned last week–now finished. (It’s actually not blueish on the bottom in real life, although that looks kinda cool. That’s a lighting/photography problem.) Anyway, I think it turned out okay.

So, the other day I was talking to the-man-to-whom-I-am-married. (Notice how I skillfully used whom and also how I avoided ending a sentence with a preposition…that’s advanced writer shit.) He mentioned to me that the hubster is not how he would prefer I refer to him in this blog. He suggested L—– but, I explained that some people who read this will not remember that L—– refers to the-man-with-whom-I-share-a-bathroom-and-sometimes-wish-I-didn’t.

And so began the search for a new improved moniker for the-man-with-whom-I-also-share-a-closet-which-sucks-sometimes-because-he-makes-unwelcome-comments-about-how-many-shoes-I-own. Anyway, I came up with some really good ones:

  • Romeo
  • Stud Muffin
  • Lover Boy
  • Sugar Britches
  • Italian Stallion
  • My Hairier Half (in the spirit of full disclosure this would only be true from the eyebrows down)
  • Macbeth (see, then I could be Lady Macbeth which would make doing laundry much more awesome. “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!”)

One year, he was the President of the local Radio Controlled Modeling club and I spent a fair amount of time humming Hail to the Chief when he walked into a room and referred to myself as The First Lady of RC Modeling. Sadly, he didn’t get to serve a second term; I think it was because he usually forgot to go to the meetings.

Anyway, despite all our nonexistent tireless work trying to come up with another name, nothing was decided, except that perhaps he would prefer hubby over hubster. However, any and all suggestions from my ten many readers will be happily considered and if they’re funny enough, used. (I’m sure he won’t mind, right?)

This video has nothing to do with anything except that I believe that there’s no such thing as too many terrible taxidermy commercials.


13 thoughts on “a stud muffin by any other name…

  1. Okay… here are my two entries to replace hubster: bed warmer and…. ratatatatatata… ruler of the roost!
    Let’s see how “L” likes those!
    I enjoyed your blog entry. Hilarious and tender!

    • Now see, I suggested “the boss” to him but he laughed really hard at that. Almost as if he thought he wasn’t the boss…What was up with that? And your Roost one…got me thinking about Carrie and her rooster stuff…haha!!

  2. I personally like Sugar Britches. You could shorten it to SB and when you’re mad at him, you can say that it means son of a bitch.

    I had a blog a long time ago where I referred to my partner as The Bread Winner (TBW). On my current blog, I just call her my partner, which in light of your post, I can see is totally lame. I must come up with something better.

    • Hmmm…lets see in Texas SB would just have to be Sum’bitch…that works. Ha! You know I always enjoyed how in DH the “D” can stand for any number of D adjectives depending on the circumstances. TBW has it merits too…hmmmm….

  3. For years I called my husband “Mr. T” which had a very cute origin, but that wore off and now I just call him by his name or some variation of it. This might be my favorite B & O entry. I love the post and the video, and of course the painting……you are a double threat! Thanks for the fun read!

  4. I love the painting (as you know)! I prefer hubster over dh. And what is with men? I bought 2 necklaces the other day. My HUBSTER said, “you already have a bunch of necklaces.” Uh… and? Your point?

    • haha! Exactly! Of course my hubby (notice my friend Sonje voted for Sugar Britches) collects poker chips, so at least he’s familiar with the buying of things that someone doesn’t “need.” All I have to do is mention the poker chip collection and he zips his trap (mostly) about shoes and necklaces.
      BTW For anyone reading this (like all five of you), my rock-star friend Janet here is the subject of the painting…

  5. Loving it! And I admit, I had not yet had my morning fill of bad taxidermy commercials – what a hoot! Great painting, too, I am SO impressed with your multiple talents.

    How about a combo name? StudHubby? HubMuffin? LoveMonster?

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