uhm…I got nothin’

So I watched an unheard of amount of TV last night: last week’s tivoed Modern Family (seemed not as good as last season…fingers crossed that it hasn’t jumped the shark), Suburgatury (I heard it was good and wanted to see, but my official opinion is “meh”), and Project Runway (guilty pleasure) last night. And now it’s Thursday and I’ve got nothing to post.

So this is how it feels to be a slacker….hmmm…not bad actually.

But I hate to actually post nothing nothing so here’s a good quote:

What saves a man is to take a step.  Then another step.  It is always the same step, but you have to take it.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

And here’s one guy’s really amazing entry for the Queen Extravaganza contest, so if you haven’t seen it already, please enjoy some freakishly awesome Freddie-alike (although I have to wonder if now that the video has had over 2,000,000 views, if this guy doesn’t wish he’d cleaned his room up just a little bit…)


peace times two

Two things today that might seem unrelated, except they’re not.

One: Yesterday was the first annual (I hope) Art of Peace Festival here in Tyler. It was a family-friendly event with music, poetry readings, speakers and an art auction. In this time of increasing animosity in what seems like every facet of society, how refreshing to have a group of people coming together for no purpose other than that of promoting peace. I came home with a poetry chap book, a handmade pinwheel (which I cannot put in the back yard because one of my dogs is afraid of it–I’m not kidding) and a smile. I hope this continues here and keeps spreading to more communities. Let me know if you want more information about it…I can get you the contact info for someone in-the-know.

Two: And on the topic of peace, I’d like to pass along a word of encouragement for those of you with young children who feel like you’re living in a war zone. When my three children were kids/teenagers, it seemed like at least two of them were arguing about something all the time. It waxed and waned, but the fighting was frequent enough (and sometimes vicious enough) to make me worry that they would never get along. (We’re not talking cats and dogs–things rarely got physical. No, we’re talking more like Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroyd*.)

Anyway, flash forward ten years and you know what? They’re friends. They give each other rides to pick up a car in the shop, they all come over for dinner and everybody is laughing not bickering. Hell, they call each other on the phone more often than they call their parents.

Peace at last!

*And for any of you who were not SNL fans back in the day:

I’ve got a hat…

So, this weekend was the first time I read my book (first draft) start to finish.

My expectations: Let’s see…I want it to be funny and also serious, I want the characters to be interesting and well developed, I want the story to have enough of a “motor” to keep readers turning pages…


I want a hat.

SIGH.  Yeah, yeah…first drafts are almost always shitty. I know that, and I knew this one would be no different. But knowing it still doesn’t keep me from feeling just a little overwhelmed by the amount of work I still have to do.  Good thing I enjoy all this right? (cue bitter laughter…)

And speaking of hats and men without them…hmmmmm

wildfires and weeds and a book recommendation

Life has been interesting around here in this rarely-in-the news part of the world. Simply put, East Texas has been on fire.

Extremely dry conditions paired with some wind (but no rain) from hurricane Lee this weekend created the perfect conditions for wildfire. Other than some smokey haze for a day or two, my town hasn’t been directly impacted, but thousands of people in this region were/are (many fires are still burning). Let me tell you, nobody better propose a budget cut around here will negatively impact the fire department while we still have these memories fresh in our minds. These fire fighters are heros.

Now, on to the next thing in this rambling post: I have two questions about the following photos:

  1. What is this stooopid weed?
  2. Other than spending hours in the yard ripping them out (bent over with my freakin’ ass in the air) how can I get rid of them? We have bermuda so no weed-n-feed and it’s all down in the grass, so roundup won’t work. Arrrg! If you have any brilliant ideas, please share them. I’ll thank you, my aching back and hands will thank you, and my neighbors who are surely tired of looking at my ass will thank you.

At last, my final rambling subject: Over labor day weekend I spent several hours in a world created by Patrick Rothfuss.

I started reading this book on Saturday afternoon (after three hours of stooopid weed pulling) and finished it just before dinner on Sunday. The second book in the trilogy just arrived from Amazon, but I haven’t started it yet because I know that it suck me right back into his world and I have stuff to do in this one. But if you’re looking for a well written sweeping fantasy tale you needn’t look any further than this.

A word of warning, however–the author hasn’t finished book three (insert sad face here). I’m thinking I should start nagging Mr. Rothfuss about it on his website. Unfortunately, if the effecacy of my nagging is measured by how often my teenager obeys my request that he pick up his wet towels from the bathroom floor…then there will never be a third book to the series unless I write it myself. ha!

Anyway, so go forth and hug a firefighter, pull up a weed and buy a great book!

Oh and here’s my next gardening trick: