my writing is junk?

A friend at work asked to see the first chapter of my work-in-progress, so after demurring about five seconds, I agreed to email it to her when I got home. I sent it along and…it landed in her junk-mail folder. Hmmmm…

Coincidence? Or is the universe itself passing judgement on my work?

The thing is, once she found the email, she read the chapter and liked it overall, although she said the blasphemy bothered her a little. (Apparently one person’s irreverence is another person’s blasphemy.) Hmmmm…. again!

So, could it have been the blasphemy irreverence that led her Junk Mail Filter to judge my precious email content and find it wanting? Or should I not have made the subject line: “EnlarGE HoT SeXxy All thrOgH ProceSS!”?


1 thought on “my writing is junk?

  1. I cannot possibly see how that subject line could have triggered any spam filters, so it must have been the irreverence.

    PS Remind your friend NEVER to read any of my books.

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