civic doody…

So, I’m the one who’s always lecturing my adult(ish) children on the importance of voting, not littering, obeying traffic laws…you know, being good citizens.

But sometimes being a good citizen is a big fat suck sandwich.

I have jury duty today.


Maybe I’ll try this…

2 thoughts on “civic doody…

  1. The jury pool in Philadelphia is pathetically small, so those in it get called for jury duty about once every 18 months. Fun. The only thing that makes it bearable is that my previous work experience guarantees that I never get picked. If only it meant that I didn’t have to go in the first place…

    • We’re a not-very-targe town that’s the county seat so I get called up about once a year. This time though, it’s Municipal Jury duty which means that at worst I’ll waste a whole day–but there’s no chance of getting put on a long trial. Plus, last time I did Municipal JD, they had donuts…so that’s something… ha!!

      Oh and thanks for commenting on this little blog even though you’re a little big of a big-deal now…Ha!

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