are they really deaf…or just so crazy?

So about my neighbors…

Are they really deaf or just so crazy in love with their giant dog that they don’t notice that he barks a lot. A LOT! A LOT!


Now I have some friends who are Buddhists (internet & email friends, not local friends because finding a Buddhist here in small-town East Texas is even harder than finding a fellow Democrat) and these friends would tell me that all suffering is caused by desire.

I admire these friends and their calm, zenny wisdom. In fact I’m willing to cede the point; my suffering is not in fact caused by the barking. It is caused by my desire that the dog take a fucking break once in awhile.

Between meditation sessions* I have toyed with the idea of leaving a note on their porch…not a mean note exactly, I’m no David Thorne. Perhaps a nice little note. Maybe one along the lines of:


Dear neighbor,
You have a beautiful dog. Have you noticed that he barks A LOT! A LOT! A LOT?
Someone who really likes dogs, but also likes to sleep at night. Ohmmmmmm….


Of course, I must remember that it could be worse…**


*  In the interest of full disclosure I must confess that my meditation practice exists only as one of those things I “ought” to do. Like exfoliating or eating yellow vegetables. 

**  In the interest of even fuller disclosure I must confess that I’m pretty sure my subdivision has a zero goat tolerance, so the following situation is not a realistic depiction of a “worse” that could actually “be”. But it’s damn hard to find a way to segue to a video of a goat who sings like Usher. And this, my friends, cheers me up like meditating never has…

8 thoughts on “are they really deaf…or just so crazy?

  1. I’m a Buddhist, and I don’t think I could deal with a dog that barks A LOT! A LOT! or any other sort of obnoxious noise that is repeated regularly, particularly when I am trying to sleep. So I understand how annoyed you are by this barking dog. However, I fail to see how having that goat in your neighborhood would be worse. That goat is AWESOME.

  2. Ooooh-uh! Ooooh-uh! Ooooh-uh! And I used to LIKE Usher. Now, whenever somebody mentions Usher, I will have a mental picture of that goat.

    Yes, barking dogs are not happy dogs. Neighbors of barking dogs are even less happy. Been there, heard that – even holding a pillow over my ears, heard that.

    I have seen, in pet stores, devices that look like bird feeders that supposedly emit a tone in dog frequency to “encourage” barking dogs to STFU. Don’t know if they actually work, or not.

    Best of luck with your mediation and zen-ness over this sitch.

    • hmmm…this dog is in a yard not quite exactly behind mine, more like across a creek behind mine (so both of our yard slope downward to the creek so doggy-dearest has a nice view into my yard.) I’m not sure we’d be close enough for it to work. And I have three (quiet) dogs…so I don’t want something that’s going to drive mine crazy when that other dog barks. But maybe I should find an advert for that product and leave that on their porch with my nice note. ha!

  3. This doesn’t say much for Usher’s music, but it is quite entertaining! Yes, much more uplifting than meditating!

    Our dog, Clancy goes out every night and barks goodnight to the neighborhood. It’s only for a minute but I hope the neighbors aren’t writing about it on their blogs!!!!

    • Nancy–the funny thing is (funny?) I haven’t heard their dog this afternoon. I’m hoping that it’s because it’s 101 degrees and they let him come in…and not that they saw this….hahaha! I’m being paranoid now, I’ve never even met them…but….

      I’m glad I wasn’t really mean. And I’m not a crazy “no barking of dogs” lady. Hey, dogs bark and dig…they’re dogs. I’m sure their dog is a darling sweet animal, I think he’s just a little (very) bored. I just wish they’d let him in their house, ya know?

  4. Hilarious. Yeah, your pain is caused by your thoughts about the barking more than the actual barking. But sometimes its a hell of a lot easier to threaten the neighbors than change your thoughts about the dog 🙂

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