double toad…what does it mean?

This week on two separate occasions we have found a toad in our bedroom (and yes, we removed the toad the first time, so it’s not like we’re keeping a toad in our room for some reason).

Sure the bedroom door is close to the back door I use to take the dogs out before bed. Sure we live near a creek and there are lots of toads in the yard. Sure, I suppose a wily toad could slip in when I opened the door to step in or out.

But twice? Two toads?

It leads me to wonder… Double Toad… What does it mean?

And if you’re thinking “huh?” right now, then I leave you with this essential cultural meme:  (you’re welcome.)

11 thoughts on “double toad…what does it mean?

  1. Well, this guy’s reaction to the double rainbow was quite intense. I am thinking he had to be stoned. I am trusting that your reaction to the double toad situation was a bit more reasonable;)

  2. I did see a rainbow once from above when I was in an airplane. It was a circle! I think I said something like, “Oh cool,” and that was it. The only times I have a response comparable to the double rainbow guy’s response is when there is a whole lot of naked going on.

  3. LOL! Double rainbow is such a joke in our house!

    Hey, have you checked your dogs’ mouths for toad breath when they come back in from outside? Just curious, cause I’ve found all kinds of creatures in my house over the years that were brought in by our dog or cats. I’ll spare you the gory details, as not all were fully functioning at the time. 😉

  4. Wow, that is SO COOL. (The double rainbow, not the double toad.) Lol, Shannon’s reply reminded me of the time my cat, The Mighty Hunter, brought in a rat for me AND a bird for himself – in the same night. He was SO PROUD of himself.

    I think in your shoes, I’d prefer to think there IS no meaning, rather than there is something in your bedroom luring them in, perhaps a secret portal to the magical kingdom of Toad.

    • Kingdom of Toad….hmmm…Perhaps Toad Hall? Maybe I’m living in Wind of the Willows and I don’t even know it? Could Ratty and Mole be far behind? (please say yes. In years past I have had a cat who brought some of each (rats and moles) in through a dog door to play with inside. Blech.)

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